Birth Name: Selena Marie Gomez
Birth Date: July 22, 1992
Zodiac Sign: Cancer / Leo Cusp
Occupation: Actress / Singer
Relationship Status: Single
Named After: Selena Quintanilla Perez

Selena Gomez - is an American actress and singer best known for her portrayal of Alex Russo on the Emmy Award winning Disney Channel Original Series, Wizards of Waverly Place. She has starred in the television movies, Another Cinderella Story and Princess Protection Program.

Before Disney, she had one of the kid roles on Barney & Friends. In 2008, she signed a record deal with Hollywood Records and contributed to the Tinker Bell, Another Cinderella Story and Wizards of Waverly Place soundtracks. Her band, Selena Gomez & the Scene, released their debut studio album Kiss & Tell on September 29, 2009, which was certified Gold by RIAA on March 5, 2010.
Title: Kiss & Tell
Genres: Pop, Rock
Realeased: Sep 29, 2009

Title: A Year Without Rain
Genres: Pop, Rock
Released: Sep 21, 2010

Title: When the Sun Goes Down
Genres: Dance-pop, synthpop, teen pop, electro-disco
Released: June 28, 2011

Wizards Of Waverly Place
Plays: Alex Russo
Watch: Disney Channel

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Spring Breakers + Album

+ Selena je jucer 14 marta imala veliku premijeru Spring Breakers u Los Angelsu.Pored casta dosli su neke popularne zvjedze Ashley Tisdale,Shay Mitchel,Sarah H ... Selena je na premijeru obukla crvenu haljinu koja joj predobro.Od svih haljina kojih je obukla na prmeijeru mislim da joj ovaj najbolje stoji, sta bi kazete ?

+ Imam slike Selene kako napusta Chipotle u LA 14 marta.

+ Naravno neke personal slikee.

+ Selena je imala interviju gdje su je pitali za novi album i ona je rekla da je ovo album na kojem je dosad najvise radila i da nova pjesma ' Come and Get it ' izlazi u aprilu. Ja sam jako uzbudena zbog toga,a vi ?

+ Neko je na internetu objavio pjesmu 'Rule The World ' vidi se da Selena pjeva,ali ona nije nista rekla o njoj,tako da nista ne mogu reci vise,a vi poslusajte svakako :
to je to , odh xoxo